Sunday, May 20, 2007

Not A Lynchish Film by Lynch

Too bad I missed Lynch's lastest film Inland Empire at Drexel Gateway. Instead, I watched DVD of The Straight Story, a non-Lynchish film made by Lynch. Like the movie title, Lynch tells the story in a very straightforward way, without any Lynchish twist or special effect. The movie is based on a true story: a 73-year-old man drove his lawn mower all the way from Iowa to Wisconsin to see his illed brother, very very touching! It shows Lynch is quite capable of making a good conventional movie, then you may appreciate more of his brilliance in his Lynchish movies.

Life is a journey. A road trip we take is a journey within a journey. Many great movies portray road trips deeply imprinted in the characters’ lives. I found a webpage about The 10 Road Trip Movies You Gotta See. I've only seen two of them so far, shame :( I will add two Latin American ones to the list: The Motorcycle Diaries and Dust to Dust .

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