Monday, April 14, 2008

Drawing into Film

The book Drawing into Film is a terrific collection of drawings from 13 renowned filmmakers. Again, I feel the strong similarities between a film director and an architect: they both sketch a lot, they both deal with time, space and movement, they both go through the process of production/construction, they both face the challenge of budget, they both are involved in substantial leadership and collaboration...

It was my first time seeing the drawings or sketches from several of my favorite filmmakers. I was quite amazed by their imaginative thinking process as well as visualization skills. The following are the ones I love the most -

Once was a cartoonist, Fellini took advantage of his drawing skills in filmmaking. These cartoonish sketches were made for Amarcord (1974) and Città delle donne, La (1980).

I've seen Orson Welles' paintings in the documentary One Man Band before and was deeply impressed with his versatility. His paintings are as free and powerful as his mind. These are the sketches for Macbeth (1948).

David Lynch really surprised me with his classic style pencil sketches. You would think his drawings are as wild as his films! The following sketches are for Eraserhead (1978) and Dune (1984).

Of all the filmmakers included in this book, the most audacious in using colors is Akira Kurosawa. His color choices remind me of Van Gogh. These are a couple of drawings for Dreams (1990).

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