Sunday, December 17, 2006

Art of Food

My friend's fiancee Ming has a blog dedicated to food called Angry Asian Food Critic :) Her appreciation of food was wittily put in on her blog - no one should subject to crappy food and should take care of your taste bud just like a delicate flower. And once your taste bud is happy, your tummy is happy, and then it tells your brain to puts out happy chemicals throughout your body.

One of her blog is about her memorable experience at a unique restaurant Alinea in Chicago. In this restaurant, all the food is carefully designed, cooked and presented in front of the guests. The components of each dish is nothing exotic; they are EVERYDAY food such as tomato, potato and bacon. Just look at the photos I posted here - isn't that amazing? They look to me like architectural models: the composition of forms, colors, textures. And the smell of course, if you are there. It is a true enjoyment for all your senses. I just feel tempted to design food! I'm also tempted to make the assumption that artful and healthy food would make artful and healthy body and mind :)


JL said...

can not disagree! and in fact, i am feeling bad because the braces i have on the teeth--the most miserable time i had in my life:(...why can't we design braces that can help eating?...wel, you can design the food when you cook it: i was often laughed at by my friends for this...but it is full of fun. and now, another delicious cuisine is waiting for me and my braces...take care

XENIA said...

i found a nice food blog -
it has a category about Chinese Food. check it out!

JL said...

you should make some and I will be more than happy to try them:)