Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Little Art Project

These fallen dried fruits can be easily found in the parks during my trip. The shape of the fruit looks like a cute lantern made by mother nature. I couldn't help bringing a bunch of them back to the hotel. I washed them first, and then microwaved for 2 min. Finally spray-painted two of them for experiment - felt like a cooking experience :)

The result was not bad. I'll get more colors when I go back to Columbus and make them into all kinds of fun stuff!


JL said...

it is so wonderful:)! take more pictures. you can make them into jewellery! them it might be more durable by soaping them in the paint then painting them. great job!!!!

XENIA said...

good suggestion. i'll soap them for a longer life. i was also thinking about jewelries - i wanna make them for earrings, but they are a bit too big. as for necklace and bracelet, they are too thorny. well, need to think it over :)

JL said...

you are not going to wear them naked, do you?:P