Monday, January 7, 2008

Food Memories of Tokyo

This past weekend was filled with deliscious food. My parents made my favorite dumplings: lamb+wintermelon! I made sushi, although the simplest type :) Sushi actually originated as a method of preserving fish in China and Southeast Asia. It was introduced to Japan in the 7th century and transformed into the Japanese style which is as known to the world.

I can't helping recalling the wonderful food experiences in Tokyo. You can complain how expensive things are in Japan, but NOT food! We tried food at different places, ranging from 500 - 3500 Yen per person: from take-out restaurants, fast-food places to fancy restaurants, from the traditional snack stands at Asakusa market (浅草市場) to the amazing sushi bar at Tsukiji Fish Market (築地市場) - none of them let me down!

The everyday fast-food sushi would be the conveyor belt sushi (回転寿司, kaiten-zushi). It's fast, inexpensive and fun.

There's a sushi street at the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. We tried 大和寿司, recommended by locals. It had the longest line in the front and we waited for nearly an hour to get in.

We ordered sushi combination since we were still confused with all the different names. The sushi tasted extremely fresh, tender, with a slightly sweet flavor, definitely my BEST sushi experience!!

I'm also impressed with Japanese desserts. They are not too sweet or too thick, just perfect. The super tasty green tea cake, grean tea cream puff and fried ice-cream I had in Tokyo even topped my all-time favorites such as Tiramisu, Crème brûlée and Yule Log cake!

Japanese cuisine does not have as many flavors or styles as Chinese cuisine, however, the look of the food together with its serving wares, displays a deeper sense of design. Although Japan is an economically rich country, people there eat less and faster which reflects the very Japanese notion of efficiency and no-waste.

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