Thursday, January 10, 2008

Georges Schwizgebel

I recently discovered this Swiss animation film director. His works are very sensitive in terms of form, space and movement, thus pretty architectural. The graphic reminds of me so many painters, esp. Chirico, Escher, Hopper and Matisse. It is like a merge of all these masters’ works and made 4-dimensional. There are noticeable repetitive themes in his animations, including the 9-second(from figure 11 to 3) countdown, pause in the middle of movement, quick rewind at the end, long shadows, linear forms, images of staircases, ripples and windows (as a vent, an interface, a threshold in space). The art of morphing is palpably presented through the interchangeability in shape and scale and constantly shifting perspectives.

Many of his works can be found on YouTube. My top favorites include Fugue (1998) and the following L'Hommes sans ombre (2004).

L'Hommes sans ombre (The Man With No Shadow)

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