Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Cradle To Cradle

Today's sustainable design discovery is the recycled carpet by Shaw Contact Group. Their square-shaped brochure is very well designed, telling you their story of sustainability through metaphorical narrative, simple facts, vibrant colors, smart and thoughtful images. The brochure itself is made of 100% recycled paper, with ink made of soy which makes paper easier to recycle. They call it cradle to cradle design: an analogy drawn from an oak tree that uses what it drops to make itself bigger, stronger and in abundance each year.

What they do is simply collecting the recycled carpet to make new carpet. Their cushioned carpet tile backing is made with 88% plastic soda bottles. It is 4 times stronger than traditional cushion backing. The truth is: In US alone, consumers empty 6.8 million plastic beverage bottles each hour. The backing is also lighter, which means fewer truckloads, which means less diesel used, which means less CO2 released into atmosphere! It makes you realize: the way we design, make and use things right now has a measurable effect on everything, an even greater effect on the future.

Besides all the sustainable ideas, Shaw's carpets are just gorgeous!

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