Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Thought on a Frozen River

When it snows the first time, everything but the river is white; when the river gets frozen and snow at anywhere else melts down, the first scene gets reversed: the river becomes the only thing that is white. This transformation happens so quietly and naturally, isn’t it like the Mobius band, switching to the opposite side without knowing?

When the river flows, it divides; when the river is frozen, it turns into a bridge, the same time, a stage – a stage for various activities (still risky though!). If you draw a section, there are actually activities going on at both sides of the frozen layer: human’s and the underwater lives’. What if it becomes a section of a building, either vertical or horizontal, the frozen layer is transparent? What about an underwater building showing the section of the seaworld/lake, dialogue between two different dimensions?

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