Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fish-Friendly Design Needed

I got Chia'sso new catalog in mail today. It is my favorite modern furnishing store in Chicago. They have some cool designs for 2007, but seeing this wall deco (what they call 'mod pod') does bother me: It definitely looks modern and cute, but look at that little fish - being alone inside the small container on display? The size and shape of the vase also makes it hard to change water. Hopefully people won't really use it as a fish tank.

It reminds me of a fancy Chinese restaurant in Dublin OH called Jasons Restaurant & Bar. I know the architect and saw some pics of the interior. I have to say I love the design a lot. One innovation is a custom aquarium wall which is composed of a series of small glass fish tanks hanging from the ceiling. Of course only one fish in each tank, and the size of the tank varies to make a nice visual composition. While I just felt miserable for the fish since they could not swim in one big tank talking to each other. Maybe I'm just too sympathetic towards animals :)

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