Friday, December 7, 2007

Arup Lighting

Arup is no doubt the world's leading design consulting firm. Besides their innovation in structural engineering and sustainable design, their lighting design is also outstanding. After reading a Metropolis article, I found out that many of my favorite buildings couldn't have been so great without Arup's lighting design. Rogier van der Heide, the 37-year-old director of Arup Lighting, is the leading guy on the following famous projects -

Galleria Department Store, UN Studio

Hotel Castell, UN Studio
De Young Museum, H & de M

Prada, H & de M

Webb Bridge, Denton Corker Marshall and Robert Owen


manhattan said...

Hi Xenia, many thanks for your flattering words! However, I wish to point out that Arup Lighting, though I am their Global Leader, is a team with many extraordinary individuals. Some of the projects I am heavily involved in, some others I'm not.... I haven't seen the article in Metropolis yet, but I'm sure that they have credited Arfon Davies, Andrew Sedgwick, Brian Stacy and my other colleagues for their excellent work on the projects you've put on your blog.

Once again many thanks, and I'm looking forward to reading your future newsitems fromt the Design universe!

Best regards
Rogier van der Heide

XENIA said...

Hi Rogier,

What a surprise to see your response here! You are very modest. Teamwork is definitely the key for any project, but it still requires tremendous talent and capability to be the leader.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sincere comment. Hopefully I can visit all those wonderful spaces you guys designed!


Rogier van der Heide said...

Hi Xenia, hope things are well. I have a website, finally, Some of my projects are already published over there. Thanks for your blog, I enjoy reading! Regards, Rogier van der Heide.

Rogier van der Heide said...

Hi Xenia,

Just want to give an update on Arup Lighting. Rogier van der Heide ( ) left the practice to become Chief Design Officer at Philips Lighting. Arup Lighting's Global Leader is now Florence Lam in London.

Good luck with Degine!