Monday, December 10, 2007

Inland Empire

Inland Empire, Lynch’s lastest film, runs exactly 180min. I sat through the credits and was completely overwhelmed. God, it’s wild and brilliant! Compared with Lost Highway and Mulholland Dr, Inland Empire is the wildest with a more complicated storyline and more creepy and hallucinatory atmosphere. Wonder what Zizek would say on this one. Lynch also got more experimental this time: the film was shot in DV, also without a complete script.

Lynch is perhaps the best filmmaker who can visualize our unconsciousness, making dream and desire as alive as reality. I can see a lot of patterns from these three movies, but I definitely need to watch Inland Empire again to clarify my thoughts and catch more details. The movie has been haunting me since I watched it. As someone who can make such films, Lynch is absolutely CRAZY – and thank him for driving me crazy!

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