Sunday, January 21, 2007

FLIX - SUV Movie Theatre

Suzuki just unveiled its movie-threatre-themed concept SUV called Flix. As it is described: Flix is outfitted with an unprecedented in-vehicle movie system. After parking at the optimal film-viewing destination, Flix's clamshell roof can be opened, revealing a maximum-size moonroof that serves as a 40-inch movie screen. Additionally, the XL7 concept's front roof panel vents, giving way to a high-density digital projection system to display a family's movie of choice. For those who prefer the traditional drive-in movie experience, Flix's projection system can be positioned to display movies nearly anywhere – the side of a building, a billboard or almost any wall. (more info)

This great concept offers people the highest mobility and flexibility to experience a movie. Reminds me of the film Cinema Paradiso where Alfredo projects the movie onto an building facade for everyone in the square to see. It would be cool if those seats can be elevated above the car, so that people also have the choice of watching a movie totally inside a spectacular natural environment such as a mountain top.

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