Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Winy Maas' 2-hr presentation last night was pretty fascinating. He went thru. their book KM3 which I've been longing to read. He started with their study of density due to the fast economic growth globally, the urge of reducing building footprints on earch. Inspired by sci-fi movies, his solution is to extend space up in the air, to develop a "skycar city". He doesn't show much theorectical interest in architecture, rather, it is an exhilarating exploration of new possibilities in architectural space, in our lifestyle, in the future city. Then he talked about techniques they used in each project. They are really simple design techniques, such as bend, hang, extrude...What I appreciate is the process diagrams based on the program, client's need, site limitation, the transformation from a regular box/tower into a unfamiliar space that offers MORE to people and to the city. My favorite projects include Busan Cinema Complex, Liuzhou housing development, Mirador residential building. It is also amazing that most of their imaginative designs got or are getting built!

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