Saturday, January 6, 2007

Inspiration from BATHROOM

Saw this interesting design at MoCoLoco -
David Olschewski's Bathroom, "A seating group evinces a puzzling character that invites the viewer to experience it sensually and reflect on its origins. The forms are based on a Plexiglas bathtub and shower tray ensemble. The bathtub has been divided into three objects, with nothing lost in the process. All four pieces are set on stainless steel legs. The focus is on the alienation of bathroom furnishings from their customary surroundings and function."

This Bathroom idea reminds me of a scene in Luis Buñuel's materpiece The Phantom of Liberty, where public space/living room and private space/bathroom are reversed: people sit on toilets around a table chatting with each other, while one enters a tiny private room to get food thru. a small elevator. I enjoy this smart sense of humor which exists in the alienation and defamiliarization of our everyday living space.

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JL said...

There is a similar theme restaurant in Taiwan or somewhere else. The most extreme one is all the dishes, plates, spoons are designed with the bathroom/toilet shape and same finishes. Imagine how you can eat there? But eventually it turned out to be really popular.