Monday, January 1, 2007

Foreground v.s. Background

In Charleston, architecture always catches your eye. Each street or alley displays a collage of styles: Georgian, Federal, Gothic and Greek Revival, Queen Anne… Architecture is the foreground, while trees step back as the background.

In Hilton Head Island, trees are everywhere and extremely lush. On the streets, all buildings, no matter public or residential, are grey-colored and hidden behind the trees. Thus, architecture becomes the background, while nature is on the stage. The huge live oaks often form an archway – in a sense, trees become the ‘architecture’.

In Savannah, architecture reminds you of Charleston, and trees remind you of Hilton Head Island. It is a city of squares where the surrounding architecture gets blurred by the lush trees in the middle. It is a merge of foreground and background.

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JL said...

it looked to me from the pics you had taken that the city is more of european style, which exhibits a similiar image as i saw in europe.