Friday, April 13, 2007


Today I went to Half Price Books, a great low-price chain bookstore recommended by friends. When I got home, I found this bookmark inside one of the books I bought. On the back it says -

Devices that are "on" even when off waste energy and account for 10% of your electric bill. Put chargers together on a power strip and turn it off while you're away. Unplug unused refrigerators, toasters, coffee pots, blenders and cell phone chargers.

COST BENEFIT: Most people use their chargers only 5% of the time they have them plugged in, wasting both energy and money. Unplugging unused appliances can reduce the phantom energy use in your home and save up to $170 a year. Kitchen countertop appliances alone, when unplugged, can save the average family more than $80 a year.

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Pete said...

I think all these sustainability/green issues that popping up in the media and US society is a cultural trend movement more relevant to developed countries. It is a good thing. But it should be a more innert movement of living and thinking a sustainable life. Something that the rest of the world have been doing all this time because they have to, due to difficulty in life and environment such as poverty, pollution, etc.