Sunday, April 1, 2007


I'm saving money to get a Toyota Prius, the best hybrid car in my mind. I've seen more and more on the road, on my firm's parking lot recently. After test driving it and comparing with Honda Civic hybrid, I knew for sure that's The One. Needless to say its attractive exterior look, it's fun to drive! Instead of using a key, you push a button to start your car. The front screen shows an animated diagram of the realtime energy flow inside the car. It is the first car I've seen with all touch-screen display. If you install Coastal Tech iPod interface, you can fully control your iPod on your touch-screen. When you back up your car, the camera shows the back view on the screen. 2007 Prius has an estimated 60 mpg in city driving and 51 mpg on highway. It is a really smart and GREEN car!

A common misconception on hybrid car is the safety concern due to its lighter weight. However, you can not compare a Toyota Prius to a Ford Crown Victoria. You can only compare a hybrid car to a non-hybrid of the same model. The safety tests show that hybrid models are at least as safe as non-hybrid models, if not more safer. SUV, on the opposite, has a notorious rollover rate as well as mpg.

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