Sunday, April 8, 2007

Endless House

We see surrealism in painting, photography, film, scuplture...What about in architecture? I found this fascinating design by Frederick Kiesler called Endless House. Isn't the form reminiscent of NOX? But he started in the early 1920s.

Frederick Kiesler, architect, set designer, artist, and philosopher, began to explore a new kind of "endless" architectural space in 1922 and continued to develop this theme throughout the rest of his life. The biomorphic Endless House was Kiesler's vision of a free-form, continuous, human-centered living space synthesizing painting, sculpture, architecture, and the environment. Designed in direct opposition to the static, rectilinear rooms of the sterile glass boxes that were beginning to dominate modern architecture in the 1950s, his house was to be "endless like the human body—there is no beginning and no end.” For him this womblike form was akin to the female body; others have seen an egg or even the human heart, with the rooms as aortic chambers.

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