Monday, April 16, 2007

The Pervert's Guide to Cinema

Learned about this documentary from someone's blog - Slavoj Zizek's movie list!! Just can't wait to see it! With my advisor's recommendation, I started reading Zizek 6 years ago and became so fascinated with his works. He is a Slovenian Lacanian-Marxist philosopher. His unique background and perspective offers a critical view on the capitalist ideology. What I appreciate is that he tries to demystify philosophy by explaining difficult ideas (mostly from Lacan) thru. popular culture esp. movies. Just watched an interesting documentary on him called Zizek!, and was surprised to find his eccentric and nearly neurotic personality, but at the same time charismatic :) No wonder he said that "I'm not human, I'm a MONSTER".

Most movies he talked about are American, esp. Hitchcock's, perhaps due to the connection to psychoanalysis. I'm curious to see what's new on his list. Now I'm waiting for Wexner Center to show this new documentary The Pervert's Guide to Cinema!

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